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The one and only true Canadian Hunting Brand!

ALTAN, your first front in the Hunt!

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Safe and successful hunt

Canadian outdoor heritage

ALTAN Safe Outdoors Inc. is the first brand specializing in blinds, tree stands, and outdoor sports accessories, to come out of the great white north, headquartering in Ontario, Canada. ALTAN designs innovative products with superb and long-lasting quality, if it can last Canadian conditions, it can last any condition.

ALTAN has a continuous aim to not only meet, but exceed expectations of our hunters and the outdoor community as a whole, by introducing new, and innovative gear yearly. Designing products for comfort, mobility, and simplicity, ALTAN merchandise are incredibly constructed with quality materials to ensure you a safe and successful hunt or outdoor experience. Whether you’re a passionate hunter, or a part-time outdoorsman, ALTAN has the right gear tailored for you.

Being “Safe” in our industry, means having quality items. ALTAN Safe Outdoors enables you a safe outdoors experience, under any condition, any time.

We are committed to preserving our Canadian outdoor heritage through product designs that are customized for our hunting needs and tested to withstand our harshest elements.

ALTAN, the one and only true Canadian hunting brand!

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